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Boracay is considered as one of the most popular islands in the world. It lies at the heart of the Philippine archipelago. Particularly, it is found in the province of Aklan that is located at the northwestern part of Panay Island in Western Visayas. It is approximately 200 miles away from Manila, the capital of the Philippines. Moreover, the island is roughly 7 kilometers long, shaped like a dog’s bone, and has a total land area of 10.32 square kilometers.


Map of Boracay

The first settlers of Boracay are called Negritos or Aetas, one of the indigenous people of the country. They farmed and fished in Boracay for centuries. Accordingly, the name Boracay came from their dialect “borac” which means bubble and “bocay” which means white. Hence, the name Boracay refers to the white sands of the island and the water bubbles of the sea.


Boracay was awarded as the best island in the world in 2012. As a result, it became the most visited tourist spot in the Philippines. You may visit this renowned island by means of both air and water transportations. The quickest way to get to Boracay is by taking a domestic flight from Manila to Kalibo International Airport or Caticlan Domestic Airport via Cebu Pacific, Philippine Airlines, Air Asia, and various other airlines. From Kalibo International Airport, ride a van to Caticlan Jetty Port that will take for about one and a half hours. After which, take the boat to the island itself that will take for about fifteen minutes. Then, ride a tricycle to reach the resort. On the other hand, if you are from Caticlan Domestic Airport, ride a tricycle along the Boracay Main Road to Caticlan Jetty Port. From there, take the boat then another tricycle to reach the resort. If time is not an issue, you may also opt for sea transportation from Manila to Boracay Island directly.


You need to ride a tricycle along the Boracay Main Road to reach the resort.

Boracay experiences two distinct seasons, i.e., wet and dry seasons. The wet season begins in June and lasts until October. During this time, the temperature ranges from 25 °C to 32 °C. Whereas, dry season begins in November and lasts until the end of May. During this time, its temperature ranges from 28 °C to 38 °C. For this reason, most people visit the island during the latter part of this season – a time when they could truly enjoy various water and non-water activities with your family or friends under the heat of the summer sun. Thus, it is considered as the “peak season” in Boracay. Nevertheless, some beach lovers still prefer to visit the island during wet season because the airline fares and hotel accommodations are much cheaper.

Boracay Island is well known for its beautiful and romantic beaches along with its many attractions. If you want to visit some of its most popular attractions, here are some suggestions:

1) White Beach
It is the main beach in Boracay which is located in the west part of the island. Additionally, it is famous for its stunning sunsets and its white sand against the azure water.



2) Puka Beach
Puka Beach is unlike any other beach in Boracay. This is because this portion of the island is serene and is entirely separated from the rest of the island. Besides, Puka Beach was named after the Puka shells that are usually made into different accessories and ornaments.


3) Baling Hai Beach
Just as Puka Beach, Baling Hai Beach has a peaceful environment where tourists can enjoy swimming, snorkeling, and other water activities. Furthermore, the beach is situated in the northernmost end of Boracay which is considered as a romantic resort.

4) Mount Luho
This mountain may be small but the view of the island from here can be mesmerizing enough to put you in a trance.


5) Crocodile Island
If you prefer to experience breathtaking adventures, go to the Crocodile Island. It attracts both local and foreign tourists who are fond of going on a scuba diving or snorkeling. It is popular not only because of it is crocodile-shaped, but also because of its diverse marine life which makes your diving expedition a memorable experience.


6) Crystal Cove
This is another stunning landmark that you must visit in Boracay. It is located in the southern part of the island where you get a chance to explore the natural beauty of rock formations and crystalline sea waters.


7) Boracay Butterfly Garden
This garden is situated in Bolabog Beach that is found in the eastern part of the island. In addition, this is where you can see and discover many different species of butterflies showcasing their distinct colors and shape.

After an exhausting yet fun water and non-water adventures, you may want to rejuvenate your energy by relaxing in a nice and cozy hotel. There is an assortment of hotels that will suit everyone’s tastes and budget. But just a piece of advice, choose a place where you feel the safest with friendly and accommodating staff. Below are some of the best hotels in Boracay:


1) Amigos Beach Resort —— Budget: Less than 1,000 PHP
- Location: Station 2, Balabag
- Room Type: Standard Twin Room
- Facilities: WiFi available, air-conditioned, no breakfast provided
- Rate: 2 stars


2) Panorama Boracay Resort —— Budget: 1,000 PHP - 2,000 PHP
- Location: Station 2
- Room Type: Deluxe
- Facilities: WiFi access, balcony/terrace, TV-Cable, breakfast provided
- Rate: 3 stars


3) Boracay Holiday Resort —— Budget: 2,000 PHP - 3,000 PHP
- Location: Station 2, Corner Main Road. & Tirol Road
- Room Type: Standard Twin Room
- Facilities: air-conditioned, mini-refrigerator, breakfast for 2
- Rate: 4 stars


4) Boracay Haven Resort —— Budget: 3,000 PHP - 4,000 PHP
- Location: Station 2, Balabag, Malay, Aklan Boracay
- Room Type: Apartment
- Facilities: swimming pool, a restaurant of Asian cuisine, a coffee shop
- Rate: 4 stars


5) Giulius Boracay Italian Resort —— Budget: PHP 4,000 and up
- Location: Station 1
- Room Type: Deluxe
- Facilities: mini-refrigerator, laundry services, night duty security guard
- Rate: 5 stars

Once you have relaxed at the hotel of your choice, it’s time to explore the island for various local and international cuisines and get yourself a sumptuous treat.

a. Cowboy Cocina Boracay Restaurant
- Cuisine: American
- Best Seller: Mozzarella Burger - According to some tourists who have visited there, this is the best burger in Boracay. :D


b. Mayas Restaurant
- Cuisine: Filipino, Mexican
- Best Seller: Tilapia - A must try for those who like eating exotic food! ;)


c. Zapravka Restaurant
- Cuisine: Italian, Russian
- Best Seller: Seafood - You can enjoy eating different types of seafood in this restaurant at an affordable price. :>


d. Sushi Shi-ro Restaurant
- Cuisine: Japanese
- Best Seller: California Maki - a type of sushi that is usually made with rice, mango, and crab stick. :3


e. Dos Mestizos Restaurant
- Cuisine: Spanish
-Best Seller: Paella Marinera - a type of rice dish which is considered as the national dish of Spain. :)


It would be best if you have allotted a budget for various island souvenirs and treats. Especially for Filipinos, family and friends would surely share the same mirth if you bring them pasalubong. So before leaving the island, make sure you get to visit some of these stores for a lot of souvenirs and treats for your family and friends.


Lonely Planet is a store that offers souvenir items such as carvings, ornaments, and apparels. Funky Lighting, on the contrary, offers unique and attractive lamps that are made from different materials such as papers and mango leaves. Moreover, these lamps are intricately and carefully handmade.



Another shopping center that you may visit is Talipapa Market. This venue is famous for its collection of native bags, clothes, and accessories. In closing, visiting Boracay will never be complete without buying some souvenirs before you leave.


Generally, I, as a tourist, could say that Boracay Island is indeed one of the best islands in the world. It was a fun and memorable journey which made me appreciate by the grandiose beauty of our country more. Given all the fun and exciting activities that can be experienced in Boracay as well as the palatable delicacies that can be savored from different restaurants, this island would be a perfect get away that everyone would surely enjoy. :)


The date when I visited Boracay.

  • Reference: www.tripadvisor.com :)

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